Do you want to run a successful and profitable photography business,

but feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn?


I'm sure you've tried figuring it out on your own - watching YouTube tutorials, listening to podcasts and maybe even paying for some online courses. But how much easier, quicker and cheaper would it be, if you could just spend a whole day with me, in person, and have me walk you through it?

Over the last 6 years in my photography business, I've invested LOADS of time and money into education, gone through a ton of trial and error, made mistakes, had breakthroughs, learned a lot, and had massive wins.

I now run a highly profitable business that I love, with super happy clients, working just 4 days a week - tops.

I can save you a load of time, money, energy and sanity, by being right there next to you, teaching you my process. I'm all about that work smarter, not harder, life!


To put it simply, if earning 6 figures still feels like it's a long way off, this mentorship is for you.

You don't have time to waste, and you want to get to grips with everything as quickly, and as easily, as possible. You want; no; need, to reach your business and financial goals, stat, and you love the idea of having me simply teach you my process.

Whether you're brand new to photography, or you've had your business a while now, you'll know that there's SO much to learn. Camera settings, posing, lighting, client relationships, Lightroom, Photoshop, culling software, websites, social media, proofing galleries, CRMs, pricing, contracts, invoicing, taxes, marketing, branding, communications, reviews, workflows, referrals! * Big inhale * ...It's a lot.

If that list just scared you a bit - don't worry! If you're not entirely sure what support you actually need, I'll figure that out for you.


£250 A MONTH

12 monthly payments of £250, or £3,000
6 hour 1:1 mentoring session
Deep dive questionnaire
Plan of action
Co-working space, if needed
1 hour follow up call
Travel within 150 miles of BH21



I'm brand new to photography and business. Can you teach me everything I need to know, in one session?


Oh, how I wish it was that easy! There's a lot that goes into running a successful and profitable photography business. If you're brand new to photography and/or running a business, it just wouldn't be physically possible to teach all there is to know, in one day. But, one session will get you well on your way.


How much will we cover in one session?


It all very much depends. As soon as you're happy you've understood something, we'll move straight onto the next subject. We'll use our plan of action, to ensure that the session runs as efficiently as possible.


I'm in a different field of photography to you. Does that matter?


Nope. I can help, no matter what your field. I have 4 years experience as a wedding photographer, and 2 years as a personal branding photographer, but what I teach can be applied to whatever kind of photography you do.